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Credit Suisse Gold BarsGold Bars

Gold bullion bars and gold bars are produced by international refiners to make it convenient for gold investors to own gold bullion. By offering gold bullion bars in a variety of weights and sizes, ranging from one troy ounce to 400 troy ounces.

Broker commissions on buying and selling gold bars are minimal, and in most cases, purchasing gold bars is one of the most cost-efficient means of owning gold.

Insist on Hallmarked Gold Bars
Gold bar bearing the "hallmark" (logo) of internationally recognized refiners are the easiest to sell. These refiners "assay" or test the metal for its purity or fineness. The gold bars are generally stamped .995 (99.5% pure gold) or higher purity, along with the individual bar's weight. gold bars can be purchased from selected commercial banks, brokerage houses, and precious metals dealers. 

A very popular gold bar for gold investment is the
Credit Suisse one ounce with fine gold to 99.99% certified and preserved in a plastic ingot card to protect and preserve your gold bars.

Physical Delivery or Storage

You can choose the method of purchase and storage that best meets your needs. For instance, you can take physical delivery (direct possession) of your gold bullion bars and enjoy the security of having your investment in your own hands.

We highly recommend that you never buy gold bullion bars and let others store the gold bars for you. Always take possession of your gold and gold bars to assure that they are readily available in an emergency.  Holding gold bars is the ideal way to buy and hold solid gold bullion investments.

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